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Introducing a simple, affordable


Place your x-y table under it and start blasting away!

We are so confident of the price and performance of our Beam Delivery device that we encourage you to check out other manufacturers' beam delivery device before making your decision !!
Picture1 of 
     PLX-BD1 Beam Delivery Device with nozzle

PLX-BD1, Beam delivery device,
shown with high pressure nozzle assembly; $2,375.

Picture of 
     PLX-BD1 Beam Delivery Device

PLX-BD1, Beam delivery device
without the nozzle assembly; $1,995.

Shown mounted to a PLX-S co2 system.
Picture of 
     Beam delivery device attached to PLX25s laser

Beam delivery device shown attached to PLX25-S.

Physical Specifications:
Input beam diameter : up to 15 mm
Standard Output lens : 1 inch diameter, 4.0" inch focal length Plano-convex AR coated ZnSe, mounted in a Lens Holder tube for attachment to BD-1 and quick lens replacment.
Shorter or longer focal length lenses -- 1.5, 2, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 inches -- for applications that require them, are available on request (you get longer Depth of Field).

For a quick discussion of 'beam waist', 'depth of field' and other relevant definitions please see our FAQ page.

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