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Last updated January 2024

Our Long Life, dependable sealed co2 laser tubes that are designed and manufactured in the United States with 100% Made in USA components.

How long is Long Life ?

Four (4) years warranty on output power on all Parallax Designed and Built PLX-A model CO2 laser tubes.
Three (3) years warranty on output power on all Parallax Designed and Built PLX-B and PLX-C model CO2 laser tubes.

  • We design, manufacture, sell, service and distribute worldwide, DC excited sealed CO2 laser tubes.
  • We manufacture our laser tubes with hard seal glass to metal ( Kovar to Pyrex) technology.
  • We make them here in the U.S. one-at-a-time to our standard physical and optical design.

  • For Gas Refill and laser tube services, go directly to:

    1- Deka 20D, Dental CO2 Laser Gas Refill -

       - Refilled, pre-owned 20D tubes available, 1 yr power warranty $2,990

    2- Deka SmartXide DOT 30 Watt and Deka 50 Watt CO2 Laser Gas Refill

       - Refilled, pre-owned SmartXide DOT 30 W tubes available, 1 yr power warranty $3,590

    3- Lumenis Sharplan 20C, 30C, 40C and other DC laser tubes gas refill

       - 20C, 30C, 40C tubes available at various prices.

    4- Laser tube services other than gas refill.

    5- Electronic Coolants for your lasers
        (remember to check your coolant level)

    6- Surplus laser tubes, Kovar, Electronics, Optics and Vacuum products

    7- No Synrad, No Coherent, No Universal Laser and No other RF excited CO2 lasers serviced here.

    Gas refill offered for Medical and industrial glass CO2 laser tubes. Systems from:

    Deka SmartXide DOT ( 30 W and 50 W) for DOT Therapy -
    and Deka 20D for dental.

    Cynosure Affirm and Cynosure Smart Skin,
    Lumenis AcuPulse 40WG CO2 with FiberLase,
    Nidek UniPulse COL-1040,
    Jens Multistar from Asclepion Laser Technologies Germany,
    Lutronic Mosaic CO2 (not the eCO2),
    Alma CO2 Laser,
    SSI and LEI (formerly Laser Engineering Inc) Ultra MD CO2 Surgical lasers
    and their older JM and MD models.

    Also CO2 tubes from systems like;
    Lumenis Sharplan 40C,  Sharplan 30C and 20C,  Sharplan 1020 and 1030,
    Laserscope Illumina and Paragon 50 Watt and 70 Watt,
    Surgilase B and C tubes and a few others.

    Please visit our Tube Services page for complete list and details.

    Please see this page for laser tubes that we DO NOT service and why, such as RF tubes and made in China tubes.

    In the following pages you will find specifications for some of our standard laser tubes and our DC CO2 laser tube services. You can also check our surplus laser tubes offered at reduced prices.

    If you can not find the answers to your questions in these pages, please contact us.

    1. 20 Watt to 110 Watt industrial CO2 laser tubes .
      Here you will find prices and specifications for some 'PLX model' laser tubes.

    2. Complete service and gas refill -- medical and industrial.
      You will find prices for service of both medical and industrial laser tubes in this section.
      We also stock and sell 3M Fluorinert FC-770 and FC-40 electronic coolants as a service to our Biotech customers for refill of their Sharplan and Deka SmartXide medical laser systems.

    3. Complete, turn-key laser systems designed for out-of-the-box table-top applications. These Scientific models (designated by 'S') have excellent power stability and include key switch, warning lights, cover interlock and coolant safety interlocks.

    4. Here you will find our complete list of services and direct replacement tubes for medical systems.

    5. Sealed co2 Gain Cells with or without Brewster windows and other specialized tubes and isotopic CO2 gas cells made to customer specifications.

    6. and
    7. a list of co2 laser tube repair services we do NOT do !


    Also see :

  • FC-770 , FC-40 electronic coolants for laser tubes
  • Pre owned and surplus laser tubes,
  • Surplus vacuum components and pumps,
  • Surplus electronic equipment and high voltage parts. Note: 50% discount for Accredited colleges, universities and non-profit institutions of higher learning. See rules here.
  • Surplus optical equipment and components. Note: 50% discount for Accredited colleges, universities and non-profit institutions of higher learning. See rules here.
  • Kovar tubing in small pieces.

    • Table of Contents:

    1. Industrial Applications;
      1. Parallax OEM industrial co2 laser tubes, made in USA.
      2. Parallax turn-key laser systems, specifications and prices
      3. Replacement industrial tubes for other manufacturers'-- Spectron, Surgilase, ...
      4. Parallax Plug-and-Play, US made laser systems made to order.
      5. Facts you need to know about low cost imported co2 laser tubes
    2. Medical / Replacement
      1. Replacement tubes for Medical laser systems including prices

    3. Refill and other services and prices
      1. Refill services and prices
      2. Laser tube mirror replacement and other services and prices

    4. International shipments to Parallax
    5. International prices
    6. Payment terms, Shipping and Insurance
    7. Warranty information
    8. High Voltage 'ballast less' power supplies for Parallax laser tubes
    9. About Parallax Technology
    10. Pictures of co2 lasers and carbon dioxide laser tubes
    11. Surplus Vacuum, Electronic, Optical Equipment, Kovar tubing and telescopic boxes for sale
    12. Pre owned and surplus laser tubes for sale
    13. Frequently Asked Questions

    About the Company :

    • For our address, telephone and e-mail please see Contact us
    Parallax Technology manufactures and markets dc-excited, sealed carbon dioxide lasers from 20 to 120 Watts for use in industrial applications.
    The company also provides expert refill (re gas) and optics replacement for all dc excited CO2 laser tubes made by all aesthetic device manufacturers like Deka models SmartXide DOT, Sharplan Lumenis brands, Alma brands and other co2 medical lasers with DC co2 tubes.

    We design and manufacture industrial laser tubes in OEM quantities, design and manufacture turn-key scientific lasers for research applications, CO2 cells with A/R coated windows or with ZnSe Brewster windows for intracavity work and also gain-cells for special applications such as 'line selection' and 'injection locking' inside a TEA co2 laser cavity.

    Table of Contents

    Laser systems, specs & prices | Laser tube prices | Re-gas prices | Repairs | OEM tubes | International prices | Power supplies | Company | Pictures of lasers| Misc. surplus equipment | Frequently asked questions

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