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Fluorinert coolants

We manufacture, sell and service CO2 lasers.

Some CO2 lasers use Fluorinert fluids as coolant. The 3M Fluorinate fluids offered in this page are provided as a service to our customers.

This page is current as of : January 2019

3M Fluorinert FC-770 and FC-40: Coolant for lasers (Flourinert is wrong spelling so is FC770 and FC40 (need the dash !)

FC-75, FC-77 and FC-84 have been obsoleted by 3M. You may use replacement Fluorinert FC-770.

Other FC's and their properties

-- These are inert coolants for various electronic and high voltage applications. See table of properties.

-- We maintain a small quantity on hand. For PRICES please see below or inquire at contact us .

Some web sites are selling these fluids at low prices. Those are 'used fluid' that 'large users' need to 'dispose of' properly but it finds its way to the Internet. 'Used Fluorinert' is NOT to be used in Laser tubes or any other application that needs these fluids because of their unique properties. Low prices are ok but KNOW what you are buying because you don't want to destroy the equipment.

-- Physical Properties of FC-770 and FC-40. Please also see Notes.

-- Material Safety Data Sheet : FC-770 MSDS, FC-40 MSDS.

Most of you are familiar with the coolant in your lasers --3M FC40 or FC770. For those of you who are not familiar with it, this is the short version description or you can go directly to price .

Some medical laser system manufacturers like Sharplan, Lumenis, Deka, SmartXide Dot etc. recommend Fluorinert FC-770, a specialty fluid from 3M, as coolant for their laser tubes. It is a colorless, odorless liquid (just like water) and if you get some of it on your fingers, it is harmless (just wash your hands with water, according to 3M).

Here is the description from 3M web site:

- Heat Transfer Fluids :
The wide liquid range of Fluorinert liquid FC-770 (-127°C to 95°C) make them ideal for use in automated test equipment (ATE) and other semiconductor process equipment. Its high dielectric strength means it will not damage electronic equipment or semiconductor wafers, chips or packages in the event of a leak or other failure. In addition, FC40 and FC770 liquid are chemically stable, nonflammable and non-toxic.

When you remove for service and re-install a medical laser tube, some of the FC-770 fluid gets spilled and is lost. Most of you need 'a little' to 'top off' the reservoir, sometimes less than 'a cup full'.

3M sells Fluorinert liquids by the Kilo (kg). The smallest container supplied by 3M is 5 kg ( =11 lbs). Next size up is 20 kg ( =44 lbs).

However this stuff is not cheap and you better figure out how much you need to purchase.

Either of Fluorinert FC-40 or FC-770 are about 2 times heavier than water and here is some rough calculations for converting 'kilograms' of FC-40 /FC-770 liquid into 'Liters or Quarts':

First remember that ;

1 Liter =1000 cc = approx. 1 Quart ( to be exact 1Qrt = 946 cc)

1 Liter of water = 1 kg =2.2 lbs but these fluids are 2 times heavier than water, therefore;

1 Liter of FC-770 =1000 cc ~ 2 kg ~ 4.4 lbs OR 1/2 Liter = 500 cc ~ 1 kg ~ 2.2 lbs

1/4 Liter of FC-770 = 250 cc ~ 1/2 kg ~ 1 lbs

To get a feel for 1/4 Liter = 250 cc volume of FC-770 remember that 1 Cup = 8 Oz = 236.5 cc. ~ 1/4 liter
So 1/4 litter is approximately 1 cup.

Or, in the US, a can of Coke is 12 Oz (355 cc or 1.5 cup). But if you live somewhere else, a can of Coke may be 10 Oz or 8 Oz ( ~250 cc).

You can purchase small quantities of 3M Fluorinert FC-770 or FC-40 from us as listed below.

Prices are Prepaid and all sizes are available from stock unless otherwise noted below.

Discover, VISA, MasterCard, Paypal, AmEx. To order, call or e-mail.


Not Returnable and Non-Refundable after it leaves our premises.

Only certain devices use Fluorinert for coolant. If you are not sure, please don't order it.

Notes to Laser Technicians, Biotechs, HV engineers, Supercomputer engineers and other Fluorinert users :

  • Don't let this fluid drip. It costs like Gold!
  • All 3M Fluorinerts have an EXPIRATION DATE, look for it. For example, FC-77 ( 3 yr life) was discontinued by 3M in 2008 but entrepreneurs are still selling it on e-bay!
    FC-75 and FC-84 have also been discontinued by 3M.
  • Do not use the cheap 're-claimed' Fluorinert available on the Internet in your laser tube. Why ? Because clean Fluorinert is extremely innert but if the used stuff has lost its 'innertness' in its previous life, your tube is done.
  • There exists Cheaper Not "3M" Fluorinert on the Internet. We do not know what it is but if you use other than manufacturer recommended 3M Fluorinert in your system you may pay for the consequences.

Prices are Prepaid and all sizes are available from stock unless otherwise noted.

Payment Terms: All prices listed are for Credit Card payments below $999. Over $999 we add the 3% fee that is charged by the credit card company.

To order please call or e-mail.

3M Fluorinert
See available bottle sizes
Shelf Life 5 yrs from
Date Of Manufacture (DOM)
Shelf Life 3 yrs from
Date Of Manufacture (DOM)
shipping wt
250 cc
In stock
net wt.
~ 455 gr
$199 net wt.
~ 440 gr
$195 3 lbs. dim.
500 cc
In stock
net wt.
~ 910 gr
$309 net wt.
~ 880 gr
$305 4 lbs
1000 cc
In stock
net wt.
~ 1.82 kg
$515 net wt.
~ 1.76 kg
$475 5 lbs
5 kg =11 lbs =3/4 gallon
plastic jug
In stock In stock 14 lbs
3 1/4 gallon =20 kg =44 lbs per request per request 54 lbs

We also supply these other 3M Fluorinert products for your cooling and high voltage applications:

FC-43, FC-70, FC-72, FC-87, FC-3283 and FC-3284 in 5 kg and 20 kg containers.

See this Chart to Compare properties of the above FC's.

Additional notes on sizes :

FC-3284 in 3/4 and 5 gallon containers.

3M has DISCONTINUED and / or REPLACED the following FC's:
FC-75, FC-77, FC-84, FC-3255 and FC-5312 .

We ship same day IF your order comes in by 1 pm Eastern time (10 am West coast).

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