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Last updated Jan. 10, 2024

  • Medical sealed co2 laser tubes

    • Brand New or Rebuilt medical tubes for the following systems:
      - Lumenis Sharplan 20C, 30C and 40C tubes
      - Laserscope Paragon 50, Paragon 70 and Paragon 100
      - PLC Medical -- SSI Laser Engineering, all Ultra MD models, MD and JM.
      - Deka SmartXide DOT 30W from El En Group Italy
      - Affirm CO2 LaserSkin
      - Asclepion, Jena Multipulse, Germany (co2 laser only, not the YAG)
      - Pendulaser -- Kaplan 115
      and others.

    • The following 'refurbished' surgical laser tubes are now available for '1 or 2 day' shipping
      • Lumenis : model Sharplan 20C, 30C and 40C laser tubes
      • Laserscope : Paragon 50, Paragon 70, Paragon 100 (3 electrode) and Illumina
      • Deka SmartXide DOT, new and rebuilt
      • Kaplan Pendulaser - rebuilt only
      • SSI Laser Engineering JM40, JM60 and MD55 - rebuilt only


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