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Last updated January 10, 2024

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Turn key laser systems
Replacement for other manufacturers' industrial CO2 laser tubes
Replacement for medical CO2 laser tubes
Closed cycle Chiller designed for laser tubes

Standard Industrial OEM Laser Tubes
Price /
Quantity discount and OEM discount on all models are available

All tubes are manufactured in the USA and all Parallax designed standard size (85 mm and 80 mm outside diameter) PLX tubes have 4 Years power warranty.

Model PLX 110 Laser Tube $4,600
4 years
Model PLX100 Laser Tube
    Output Power = 100 Watts
    Other Specifications
    (introduced Jan. 2001. Price $3,900)
4 years
Model PLX90 Laser Tube
    Output Power = 90 Watts
    Other Specifications
    (introduced 1997. Price $3,750)
4 years
    Output Power = 60 Watts
    Other Specifications
    (introduced 1997. Price $3,250)
4 years
3 years
Model PLX, sealed co2 laser tubes, domestic price summary;

PLX110 --------- 4 years------------------------------------

PLX100 --------- 4 years-----------------------------------

PLX80 ----------- 4 years----------------------------------

PLX60 ------------ 4 years--------------------------------

PLX45 ------------ 3 years---------------------------------






Custom Tubes Price
For service of your existing tube please go to our Service page.

-Except as otherwise noted, PLX Series industrial laser tubes have 48 months warranty on output power. Full details on the Warranty page.
-Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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