Replacement and / or Rebuilt medical laser tubes
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Deka SmartXide DOT brand dental and veterinary lasers

and other 2 electrode CO2 laser tubes.

Replacement industrial tubes.

January 2019

New and / or refurbished Medical sealed CO2 laser tubes
Replacement = Same physical form factor, length, diameter and power as original manufacturers' tube.

Rebuilt = Pre-owned but freshly refilled and renewed warranty.

Rebuilt laser tubes for Sharplan, Lumenis ESC medical systems

If you only need Refill, please see Service

Rebuilt Sharplan 1020, 20C, Sharplan 30C and Sharplan 40C laser tubes.

These are original Sharplan tubes that have been refurbished by us and get a fresh refill of co2 gas mix just prior to shipment. Model 20C and 30C carry 12 months power warranty. Model 40C carries 6 months power warranty.

Prices vary but they are always less expensive than tubes from Sharplan.

Replacement for Sharplan 1041 and 1055 : currently unavailable

The following rebuilt surgical laser tubes are now available for fast delivery

  • Lumenis : model Sharplan 1020 and 20C, Sharplan 30C and Sharplan 40C laser tubes
  • Laserscope : model Paragon 50, Paragon 70 and Illumina laser tubes

We also refill your own original Sharplan Derma K tubes (Derma-K) to original specs.

New replacement tubes for PLC Medical, LEI and

SSI Laser Engineering Ultra MD models:

If you only need Refill, please see Service

  • Models CL-30, JM25, JM40, JM50 and older M55 :

  • Models Ultra MD30 , Ultra MD40

  • Models Ultra MD50 , Ultra MD75

Surgilase and Spectron:

If you only need Refill, please see Service

Replacement for former Surgilase medical laser tubes

  • Series XJ and 'B' and 'C'
  • Surgilase medical tubes, B7, B8, C9, Spectron and GSI models SLC....

Laserscope :

If you only need Refill, please see Service

Replacement for Laserscope Illumina and Paragon medical tubes

  • We currently have Laserscope Paragon 50 and Paragon 70 surgical laser tubes for immediate delivery. These are refurbished tubes with 24 months warranty on power.
    e-mail for more info.

Optomedic : Replacement for Optomedic Kaplan Pendulaser tube (15 Watt) :
  • Pendulaser Kaplan tubes : $995 while supplies last
  • Re gas of Pendulaser 115A co2 laser tubes.
    (you send us the laser head without the power supply )
Other two electrode tubes :
SmartXide DOT Deka brand tubes, also called EL EN tubes
used in most Italian made systems:
  • 30 Watt Deka EL EN tubes. We have some on consignment available for immediate sale. Prices vary according to owners' instructions.

    Better yet, sent us your old tube and let us Refill it to it's original specs.

Custom Tubes
We can manufacture and process any size tube between 8 inches to 70 inches long (20 cm to 180 cm). If your application requires a 'custom length' or 'custom power' tube, please contact us for a quote.

-Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice

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