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  Last updated Jan. 22, 2024

Pre owned laser tubes are refilled, tested and shipped with 'certificate of performance'.
Their sale is final.

Pre owned CO2 Lasers and laser tubes
All prices are FOB Boston
Deka 30 Watt tube for SmartXide DOT from EL EN Italy
30 Watt Deka laser tube for SmartXide 

We refill Deka tubes to factory specifications with one year power warranty.

We also have Preowned-refilled Deka SmartXide DOT tubes on consignment for sale.
Inquire for availabilty at sales .

  Lumenis Sharplan 20C laser tubes -
  fresh refill with one year warranty, 3 days shipment.
Sharplan 30C medical laser tube for 
  15 Watt glass CO2 laser tube, water cooled, pump lead attached. No optics, no gas just the tube-
  45 cm long, 36 mm diameter, $150.
15 Watt glass CO2 laser tube for 
  Lumenis Sharplan 30C laser tube -
  fresh refill with one year warranty, 3 days shipment.
Sharplan 30C medical laser tube for 
  Lumenis Sharplan 40C laser tube -
  fresh gas refill and 1 year power warranty, 3 days shipment.
Sharplan 40C laser tube for 
 Best buy.  Sharplan 1020 Medical co2 laser tube.
Fully refurbished, as good as new. With new gas refill just before delivery with 2 years power warranty, $2,000. Sharplan 1020 for 
Sharplan F-125 Handpiece. Complete with lens and 90 degree mirror.
Sharplan F-125 HandpiecePhoto  Price $150  SOLD
Good value.   PLC Medical = former Laser Engineering Inc.(LEI) model M-55G.

Ready to go PLC model M-55G medical co2 laser tube, fresh refill and 2 years warranty on output power, $3,000.

Also LEI medical 30 Watt sealed co2 laser tube.
34 inches long x 56 mm dia.
It is fully refurbished and we will refill with fresh gas before shipment with 1 year power warranty, $1,100

30 Watt laser tube model CL-30 from 

Excellent price.   (2) Model SLC100N and Surgilase C9 tubes, fully refurbished.. These are all 100 Watt sealed medical co2 laser tubes for $3,500 each.

(Spectron Laser Corporation (SLC) purchased Surgilase and renamed the tube from C9 to SLC100. Spectron was then sold to GLS Lumonics and after a few years they became Novanta Inc and stopped manufacture of all glass co2 tubes).

Coherent UltraPulse 5000C, 100 Watt RF Laser consisting of: Laser Head and Exciter

Coherent 5000c laser for 
sale   Needs gas refill, otherwise in good condition. $3,000 Sold.

Full documentation for the above 5000C. Over 1,000 pages! PHOTO .
Electronic circuit diagrams, controllers, computer pattern generator and much more. You could reverse engineer this surgical laser for the price of these manuals. $300 Sold.

Sharplan 1030 surgical system without articulated arm, . Sharplan 1030 laserPhoto (actual photo shown here)

What is wrong with it ? The system tipped over. Two wheels under it broke off. Insurance company has paid for it (less deductibles) and it is now available for parts.

Some parts
1 - 30C tube alone ( ESC Sharplan 30C ) ,$4,100 Sold
2 - Sharplan three rod tube holder structure which includes beam shutter, beam splitter, etc. $300 Sold
Sharplan 1030Photo
3 - Articulated arm (standard Sharplan 7 mirror) $1,500   Sold
4 - Balance of system for parts ; working power supply, modulator, all electronics, flow control, pump, radiator and more. Please ask. Sharplan 1030Photo

Pre owned - 15 watt, made in Israel, sealed CO2 laser tubes,a couple of Pendulaser tubesPhoto
These are Optomedic - Kaplan Pendulaser model 115
- As is : $450, complete laser tube with front and rear optics, needs gas refill. Its Two-Six Optics alone are worth more than that.
- Additional cost to refill : $650.
New - 50 watt made in China co2 laser tube (just the glass tube - no optics, no electrodes ) $75
a laser tubePhoto
This tube is 56 mm in diameter and one meter long and it is water cooled. Both ends are open. You can install your own optics and then fill it with co2 laser mix. The beam size and divergence are determined by the optics that you use. It is sold by its manufacturer as a 30 Watt laser tube and they recommend 20 mA at 8 kV (Not filled, not sealed. It is open so YOU can fill it with various gas mixtures and experiment with it).
New -30 watt Chinese made co2 laser tube with optics and electrodes, (Not filled, not sealed. It is open so YOU can fill it with various gas mixtures and experiment ) $190 SOLD another laser tubePhoto This is identical to the above except it has optics and electrodes.
Parallax's own miscellaneous tubes, made in U.S.A. PLX series laser tubesPhoto
Some new some fully refurbished, sealed co2 laser tubes. Refurbished means new optics and new refill before shipment
- Our own New 30 Watts tubes, glass-to-metal seal, perfect TEMoo mode will focus down to 0.001". 3 year warranty on output power.
$1,500. Sevev (7) available at this price.
These are OEM medical laser tubes that did not fit for physical size being 1/2 inch too long to fit in medical machine.
OEM customer runs them with matched Chinese made power supply.
Laser tube plus power supply $2,000.

Parallax 30 Watt tube, newPhoto

- 50 Watt Parallax tube, new surplus, 2 year warranty - $2,150 SOLD

- 50 Watt Parallax made, new surplus, 2 year warranty - $1,900
One more available at this price

- 35 Watt, Parallax made, new surplus - $1,750 SOLD

Others; please ask

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