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We manufactur and service Glass CO2 Laser Tubes.

    Gas Refill of Deka SmartXide, Deka DOT
    and Deka Dental CO2 laser tubes.

    January 2024


      Expert refill and repair of all Deka medical and dental CO2 laser tubes.

      This collage of photos of Deka laser tubes sent in for repair is worth a thousand words.

    • We offer quick turnaround times -- 3 days for gas refill.

      We also offer,

    • Emergency Service : If you 'Absolutely Need To' have your laser tube serviced and returned 'overnight', we can help there too ;

      *** Emergency Refill
      = 24 Hours Turn Around = Normal Refill Cost plus $500.

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    Re-gas and Repair

    Re-gas : Price

    Refill or re-gas or recharge does not include replacement of the mirrors. Some tubes need mirror replacement or other repairs.

    Prices are for mail-in service. Customers send us their naked laser tube (do not remove the cables) and after service, tube is shipped back in the same container that it arrived in. We also recommend that you drain the tube.


      Refill : what do we do ?
    • Inspect and clean output mirror, open tube and add a refill nipple,
      pump out the old gas and fill it with fresh laser gas mix, turn it
      on and align it to factory specifications.

      It is then sealed and again tested after a few hours and, if needed,
      realigned for best mode and power. If it passes all optical, electrical
      and visual tests, it is packaged for journey back to you.

      All done within 3 days upon arrival here of the following :

      - Dekalaser SmartXide DOT Deka Laser brand Aesthetics Surgical and veterinary lasers.

      - El En group ELEn Deka brand Dental lasers

    • Preowned Deka 30 Watt laser tubes available :
    • Pre owned and newly refilled DEKA tubes on consignment are often available for sale. Conact us for availability.


    Table of Contents

    Laser tube prices | Laser systems, specs & prices | Power supplies | International prices | Company | Pictures of lasers | Misc. surplus equipment | Frequently asked questions

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