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List of used (and some new) electronic equipment and high voltage components for sale

Last updated Aug. 8, 2022

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  • We manufacture, sell and service CO2 lasers. Items on this page are our 'used or new surplus'. Please consider them accordingly.

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    More stuff added frequently.     Prices do not include shipping.     High voltage stuff at bottom of page.
    Product Specs and conditions;
    Used: An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear but is fully operational and functions as intended.
    Average ship time is 2 to 4 days and may vary depending on complexity of packaging.
    15 days returns from receipt of item EXCEPT for Free items, no returns.
    - Buyer pays return shipping
    Power cord included with all.
    Description / Model No. Price
    19" Electronic Rack 35U Photo 35U rack, 61" opening

    19" Electronic Rack 38U Photo 38U rack, 66.5" opening

    19" Dpuble Electronic Rack 40U Photo 40U double rack, 70" opening, 22" deep

    35U, 38U, 40U (shown above) and a single opening 40U photo to follow. All with casters,




    Free for

    pick up only

      EG&G 124A Lock-in Amplifier with model 117 Differential Preamplifier and original instruction manual.
    2 Hz to 210 KHz, sensitivity 1 nV to 500 mV, time constant 1 ms to 100 sec.
    Photo EG&G 124A Photo Rear view 124A Photo 117Preamp
    1 $900
    EG&G 128A Lock-in Amplifier from Princeton Applied Research (PAR)
    0.5 Hz to 100 KHz, sensitivity 1 uV to 250 mV,
    Time constant 1 ms to 100 sec Photo Photo
    1 $200
    EG&G Rotron Propimax 3 series 409ZH Photo Photo
    These are 400 Hz fans that produce 6 inches of static pressure or 220 CFM at zero head at 21,900 RPM !
    They measure 3.75 inch diameter and 1.75 thick
    Best of all; three (3) of these fans come with an
    EG&G Deltac model DC88 power conversion module. It accepts 115 VAC at 5.1 Amp and produces the 400 Hz signal necessary for driving three fans. No starting capacitors are needed. 6x5x3 inches.
    The fans and the power module are brand new in their original box.
    Price is for the complete package of 3 fans and the power module.
    (3 + 1)
    $1,500 set
    Tektronix 7904 osilloscope, mainframe with Tektronix camera and cart.
    Arrow Tektronix 7904 osilloscope, mainframe plus cart (photo opens in new tab)
    Free to a good home but Pick up only.
    1 Free
    Tektronix 7844 osilloscope, mainframe with Tektronix cart.
    Arrow Tektronix 7844 osilloscope, mainframe plus cart (photo opens in new tab)
    Free to a good home but Pick up only.
    1 Free
    Tektronix scope plug in Differential Amplifier type 3A9
    Photo Tektronix type 3A9 plug in
    2 $10
    Tektronix scope plug Amplifier type 7A19
    Photo Tektronix type 7A19 plug in
    2 $30
    Tektronix scope plug Amplifier type 7A15A
    Photo Tektronix type 7A15A plug in
    1 $20
    Split tube furnace, horizontal, 1000 degree C ( 1832 degree F) Photo Photo
    Manufacturer Hevi Duty Electric Co., Milwakee, WI.  (now Lindberg = SPX = Blue M !)

    26 inches long and 13 inches in diameter. Heated area will accept items up to 2 inches wide and 20 inches long.
    Operates on 115 VAC (4,200 Watt) and comes with heavy duty 50 Amp variac (also shown in photo).

    50 Amp Variac $200.
    50 Amp Variac is too heavy for UPS/FedEx and is offered for 'pick up' only.




    Oven $500
    Pulse Generator, Intercontinental Instruments, Inc. ( Chronetics) model GP-16, Photo Photo
    Frequency 1 Hz to 100 MHz, Amplitude 2.5V to 20V, adjustable rise time and fall time 5 ns to 1 ms, Int. Gate, Trig. Man.
    Bird Model 43 Thruline(c) RF Wattmeter. Connectors type BNC. Accuracy +/- 5% fs.
    The Bird Model 43 is the industry standard for RF power measurements with a wide selection of elements available to cover a wide choice of frequency ranges and power ranges.
    Frequency Range 450 kHz to 2.7 GHz, Power Range 100 mW to 10 kW
    Frequency & power range determined by optional plug-in elements.
    This item includes 1 element 25-60 Mhz, 25 Watt. Other elements are Sold separately at other web sites. Wattmeter photos 3 Photos

      Product cataloge and detailed specifications from Bird Technology Inc.
    1 $150
    Power supply, Standard Power Inc, model SPS 30-120
    output 120 Vdc @ 150 mA Photo Photo
    input 115/230 - 47 to 400 Hz , 5 x 4 x 1.5 inch
    Epson FX-1050 Dot Matrix Printer - WIDE
    9-pin impact dot matrix printer. The FX-1050 is the wide carriage version of the FX-850 printer. 220 cps in draft mode 45 cps in NLQ mode Handles up to 4-part forms. Excellent condition. Comes with an 'almost full' box of 17 inch wide paper Photo Photo
    Free for
    pick up only
    Heater power supply, selectable :
    0-50 VAC @ 12.5 A
    0-37.5 VAC @ 25 A
    0-25 VAC @ 37.5 A
    0-12.5 VAC @ 50 A Photo Photo
    1 $90
    Conductive Floor Mats for Electro Static Discharge (ESD).
    6x4 ft. Excellent condition with 'snap' cord connection to ground.
    Cord NOT supplied. Ground cord available from Mouser Electronics for $14.
    Mnfr. Charleswater Desco (at Google type Charleswater + Newton)
    New mats cost between $300 to $400. See Mouser catalog. Photo Photo
    4 $20 ea

    Tantalum wire, 0.003" diameter
    25 feet $50
    AMETEK Precision Flow Indicator, 0.2 to 5 GPM,
    measures 21" x 3.5" x 3.5" (New) Photo Photo
    1 $50
    Bio-Rad Laboratories,
    Gel Slab Drier, Model 224 (Hoefer Scientific Instruments) PhotoPhoto
    1 $75
    Deposit Thickness Monitor Model DTM-3
    PLUS Deposit Rate Controller MODEL DRC
    1 $75
    Electro Magnetic Interference ( EMI ) filter,
    Cornell Dubilier Electronics --a div of Pacific Electric Co. Venice, CA
    Model CDE 25 FA6-C, 25 Amp, 250V/110V, 0-60 Hz, (24" x 4" x 4", 20 lbs). EM filtersPhoto

    What are these ? These industrial grade 25 Amp
    filters sit between your wall plug (110 VAC) and your equipment and stop electromagnetic (EM) noise from getting into the lines. They eliminate noise generated by high current machinery turned ON / OFF or high peak currents generated by short pulses to get into the AC Lines and disturb computers and other digital devices on the floor.

    2 $30

    HP X-Y Recorder Model 7044A with manualPhotoPhoto
    1 $350
    Oscilloscope, HP Model 1200B, Dual Trace, 100uV/div vertical, 100 ns/div horizontal. (Works perfectly) 2 0 $200
    Spectroline (Spectronics Corp) model 1500 power supply for Discharge Lamps in far & near UV, visible and near infrared. Powers 10 metal vapor and 5 rare gas sources: Ar, Cd, Cs, He, Hg, HgCd, K, Kr, Na, Ne, Rb, Ti, Xe and Zn.
    1 $100
    Tektronix Type R561B Scope with Type 2B67 Time Base
    and Type 3A9 Differential Amplifier
    -This item must be "picked up". Otherwise please add ask us to quote packing and truck shipping. PhotoPhoto
    1 $150
    Deuterium Source, Oriel Model 6310 ; power supply, lamp housing & lamp
    1 $550
    - Ultrasonic Wire Bonder, TEMPRESS Model EMB 1100.
    Wire sizes 0.0007 to 0.003 inch, Al or Au.
    1 $150

    Portable Combustible Gas Alarm Portable Combustible Gas AlarmPhoto
    Mine Safety Appliances Co. (MSA) Model 100
    Calibrated for PENTANE. (simple to run / no manual)

    1 $30
    Tubular heaters -- otherwise known as " cal rods " cal rodsPhoto

    OGDEN A4Z-0659, 2660 Watt, 208 VAC, 49.5" long x 0.5" dia.
    OGDEN A2Z-0658, 1590 Watt, 208 VAC, 32" long x 0.5" dia.

    $35 ea
    $25 ea
    Constant Voltage transformer, Constant Voltage transformerPhoto

    SOLA Electric Company model L1147
    Primary 95-130 VAC,- Secondary 118 VAC at 0.5 Amp

    1 $30
    Heavy duty transformer, weighs 50 lbs. Heavy duty transformerPhoto

    Universal Voltronics Corp, model 3 1 252

    1 Free pick up

    High Voltage Components / Instruments

    - -
    Tektronix High Voltage Probe 1000x attenuation, Model P-6015
    3pf, 100 MegOhm DC to 75 MHz
    20 kV Max DC Cont.
    40 kV Peak Pulse
    For observing and measuring pulse width of high voltage short pulses
    We have measured HV pulses down to 40 ns.
    Like new in original box with instructions. Photo

    2 $100 ea
    5C22 Hydrogen Thyratron 2 $100 ea
    RG8/U Coax Cable.   These Belden 8237- RG8/U coaxial cables have a stranded center conductor for greater flexibility. 3/8 inch 52 Ohm coax cable with polyethylene vertical wire flame-rated insulation.
    Available in short lengths ~ 4ft to 10 ft pcs.Photo
    Stranded 0.108 center conductor cable require 9913 connectors.
    More info at
    $2 / ft
    200,000 Volt DC Shielded high voltage coax cable RG 220/U
    1/4 inch solid copper inner conductor, 1.25 inch Outer Diameter.
    30 Ft $20/Ft
    50 KV High Voltage Cable. Low impedance Coax for high voltage pulse operation. Photo various
    Glasssman High Voltage Co., regulated HV dc power supply, 0-10 kv, 0-10mA Photo 1 $500
    Regulated high voltage power supply, Keithley model 240, 0 to negative 1000 Vdc, Accuracy +/-1% or 0.1 Volt, 10mA Max. Photo 1 $500
    Varian high voltage Transformer, 115/230 at 463 VA to 1075V at 440 mA 1 $30
    Capacitors, high voltage, doorknob type, Sprague 715C-Z Photo
    2700 PF, 40 KVdc. 2.25" dia. x 1.5" tall, 715C
    3600 PF, 30 KVdc. 2.25" dia. x 1.25 tall, 715C
    2500 PF, 30 KVdc. 2" dia x 1.25 tall, 715C
    4600 PF, 15 KVdc. 2" dia x 7/8 tall, 715C
    4800 PF, 20 KVdc, 2.25 dia x 1 1/8 tall, 715C
    1800 PF, 30 KVdc. 1 7/8 dia x 1.5 tall type 6443
    1200 PF, 30 KVdc. 1 5/8 dia x 1 5/8 tall type 6443
    Minimum Order $100 + Shipping

    5, $15ea
    6, $15ea
    2, $15 ea
    4, $10 ea
    1, $10
    1, $10
    1, $10
    All for
    EG&G Hydrogen Thyratron HY-32 (surplus new, never used) 1 $900
    High voltage capacitors Photo
    Hermetically sealed, oil filled, 20KV, 0.1 uF
    Film, 15 KV, 0.1 uF

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