Tektronix 7844 dual beam oscilloscope mainframe for sale.

Tektronix 7844 oscilloscope  Tektronix 7844 scope.    7844 Rear view Tektronix 7844 rear view.

7844 Mainframe view For sale TEKTRONIX 7844 DUAL BEAM SCOPE, Mainframe ONLY.
If you come by and pick it up at our location, you will save us the trouble of packaging it and it's free and we will also throw in a Tektronix cart.

Otherwise the main frame is $150 plus shipping costs.

* The Main frame has a fault. It was running every day with four plugins at ambient temperature of about 22C (everyday operating conditions).

One day turned it On and the main fuse blew. Replaced fuse, same result, removed all plugins, same result.

The following page gives the exact steps to fix this problem but it's too involved for us. So we have given up on this and use our other scope instead.
To see repair procedure for this fault go to this Tektronix repair page. The page is in German so click on 'go to English'.

If  'click' on the above URL gives a 404 error message, copy this link ( https://www.amplifier.cd/Test_Equipment/Tektronix/Tektronix_7000_series_mainframe/rep-und-kal/7844_reparatur.html ) then go to Google and paste the entire URL in the Search box. When it comes up, choose English.

Other alternative for repair;

Bob Koller at Four Designs can repair it. Contact him and get a quote.
Bob wrote : "We can repair your instrument. While we don't have a flat rate for this model, we offer a no charge evaluation and quote."
Bob Koller
Four Designs Co. LLC
20615 NE 22nd Ave
Ridgefield, WA 98642
Telephone, (three-six-zero)-eight, eight, seven - three, three, five, six
(type the numbers manually, 360 - ...-.... )

His email  his email

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